Trade shows and exhibitions are an exciting and important part of any venues marketing strategy. But they can be costly to take part in. As well as demanding a large slice of your marketing budget they also need extensive planning and execution.

So with this level of financial and time investment it makes absolute sense to wring any last lead from all that effort right? Here’s our top 5 tips for making the most of your follow-up after any trade show or exhibition.

1. Make like a scout and be prepared!

Most exhibitors (70%!) are not prepared for any type of follow up post show and may take days or weeks to reach out to prospects. The fact is that a prompt, professional response will boost your trade show results exponentially, so have your plan in place BEFORE you set up your stand.

Here’s an example of follow up plans to put in place:

  • Draft a follow up email that can be easily personalised
  • Have a specific landing pages designed for your website just for leads from this show
  • Have your brochure prepared for electronic distribution
  • As well as your main offer that you were promoting at the show, have an extra (smaller) one in reserve for the ‘undecideds’ that you speak to during follow-up


2. Have different levels of response planned

Not every prospect is ready to make a booking there and then, so give them options that still allow them to be a lead without the pressure of “book now!”

You could offer them:

  • Download your brochure
  • View a video of a recent event
  • Request a meeting / in person venue tour
  • Virtual tour of your venue
  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Invite to a network event being held at your venue

 3. Get Social

Connect on social media especially LinkedIn ASAP. You want to connect while you are still fresh in their mind and before they get bombarded by all the other venues they met during the show.


4. Show, Don’t Tell

We all know that seeing is believing, so make sure you are showing your leads what your venue can do —not just telling them about how great it is. This may mean including video, links, and photographs. You’ll find your results are much better when your leads can visualise exactly what you can do for them.


5. Don’t be a one hit wonder

Most companies send one email blast to their prospects. Sometimes they even send one email to the full attendee list – massive no no right there! Create two or three — or more – follow ups. Research shows that usually six or seven “touches” are needed.

Offer a different message each time and remember to add a clear Call to Action. And make it POP!

“Join Us”

“Get Involved”

“Lets Get Together”

“Book Me In”

Spend time honing this part of your message so that the recipient knows exactly what you are hoping they will do at the end of your message.

Also think about adding a photo of yourself at your stand to the email. Then hopefully the recipient will remember who you are and what you talked about at the show!