What is interactive video?

Interactive video is a new dynamic and captivating type of content that takes a regular video and gives viewers the option for interaction with the video itself, choosing where to go, what parts to see, and even selecting different elements such as a virtual tour or floorplans.

What makes interactive video different?

The viewer has total control with an interactive video, they become part of the content, selecting exactly what’s important to them with no need to sit through all the unwanted parts. This grants users the autonomy to not just watch a video but to actively participate in it.

How effective is interactive video?

Take a look further down the page to see the stats. Interactive videos convert at significantly higher rates than other types of videos. Plus, they are more engaging and memorable – even if a viewer doesn’t directly interact with the video they are still 32% more memorable than traditional videos with 66% more engagement and 44% longer viewing times!

What you can achieve with interactive video compared to standard linear video

More conversations
Increase in user activity
More engagment

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