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Virtual Tour
Virtual tours provide immersive experiences without physical barriers, letting users explore places they might not reach. From historical sites to entertainment venues, they offer accessibility beyond the physical and by giving users advance visibility they offer familiarisation and reassurance. Information  points can be included that contain visual prompts and audio descriptions.

360° Tours

360° virtual tours let users control views, making spaces more accessible. They empower individuals to explore from different angles, offering a comprehensive understanding.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos engage users with decision points and accessible features like subtitles and audio descriptions. They promote personalised engagement and cater to diverse needs and preferences.

Narrated Videos

Narration enhances understanding for individuals with visual or cognitive impairments. By offering auditory cues and descriptions, narrated videos make visual content accessible and inclusive.

Wheelchair-Filmed Videos

Filmed from a wheelchair user’s perspective, this unique vantage point highlights accessibility features and potential challenges. By giving wheelchair users advanced visibility of the facilities they are empowered to visit, interact and access more.

We are passionate about accessibility and offer solutions that enhance inclusivity for everyone

Empowering Customers

Accessibility videos act as a powerful tool for empowerment, enabling disabled customers to make informed decisions about how they choose, use and interact with businesses. By providing visual information about things such as layout, facilities, and accessible routes, individuals can plan more effectively. This leads to increased independence, as they gain confidence in using your services.

Enhancing Customer Safety

Navigating unfamiliar environments can be challenging for disabled individuals. Accessible videos and virtual tours, allow customers to familiarise themselves with all areas of your business. This advance knowledge improves safety by minimising potential hazards and reducing the likelihood of accidents or mishaps.

Reducing Customer Anxiety and Stress

An accessibility video or virtual tour can significantly reduce customer anxiety and stress by providing a clear and comprehensive understanding of a space or environment before a visit. For individuals with specific accessibility needs, such as those with mobility challenges or sensory sensitivities, unfamiliar places can be daunting and overwhelming. However, through an informative video or virtual tour, potential customers can familiarise themselves with the layout, facilities, and amenities.

Creating A Positive Public Image

By taking proactive steps to improve accessibility, your company demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and equal access for all. By implementing accessibility videos, you position your company as a leader in providing excellent customer service. This positive reputation can enhance brand loyalty and attract a wider customer base, including disabled individuals who value accessibility and inclusive practices.

Access To The Inaccessible

Properties or businesses that are unable to offer accessibility adaptations, such as a listed building that cannot have a lift, can now showcase areas through a virtual tour or video, meaning individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities can still experience the beauty and history of the location. This virtual access opens up new opportunities for exploration and engagement, allowing people who may not be able to physically navigate around to virtually “visit” those areas instead. It promotes inclusivity and ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to appreciate and enjoy, regardless of their abilities.

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