The Benefits Of A Virtual Tour To Hotels and Venues

Creating a virtual tour of a hotel or meeting and event venue offers several benefits and can significantly enhance bookings and sales. Here’s how the various features of a Venue View virtual tour contribute to boosting bookings:

Walkthrough: A virtual tour allows potential guests or event organisers to explore the venue from the comfort of their own homes or offices. They can navigate through different areas, such as the lobby, rooms, event suites and spaces, and other facilities, as if they were physically present. This immersive experience gives them a realistic sense of the space and ambiance, helping them visualise their event or stay.

3D Dollhouse Model: The 3D Dollhouse model provides a unique perspective, allowing users to see the entire venue layout in a visually appealing way. This feature helps clients understand the overall structure and spatial arrangement of the venue, making it easier for them to plan their event or stay accordingly.

Digital Floorplans: Interactive digital floorplans within the virtual tour enable users to see the venue’s layout in a detailed manner. They can explore different floors, rooms, and areas, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the available space. This feature is particularly useful for event organisers who need to allocate specific areas for different activities or attendees and those with accessibility requirements.

Interactive Hotspots: Virtual tours include interactive hotspots that provide additional information or highlight key features of the venue. For instance, users can click on a hotspot to learn about the amenities, view images, access room specifications, check out the available services, or be directed to contact and booking forms. These interactive elements engage users and help them make informed decisions by showcasing the unique selling points of the venue.

Video Integration: Integrating videos into the virtual tour allows for a dynamic and immersive experience. Hotels and venues can include videos showcasing event setups, room configurations, facilities, or testimonials from previous guests or event organisers. Videos help create an emotional connection and offer a more realistic preview, encouraging users to choose the venue for their event or stay.


By combining these features, a Venue View virtual tour provides numerous advantages:


a) Enhanced Engagement: Virtual tours captivate potential clients offering a highly engaging and interactive experience. This extra engagement increases the chances of converting visitors into bookings or sales.

b) Increased Transparency: A virtual tour eliminates uncertainties and doubts by providing a transparent and accurate representation of the venue. Users can assess the suitability of the space for their specific needs, leading to more confident decisions.

c) Time and Cost Savings: Virtual tours save time and resources for both guests and venues. Prospective clients can quickly evaluate multiple venues without the need for physical visits, while venue sales teams can showcase their offerings efficiently, reducing the need for on-site tours.

d) Expanded Reach: By leveraging virtual tours, hotels and venues can reach a wider audience beyond their local market. People from different locations can explore and consider the venue, leading to increased bookings and sales from a much larger area.

e) Competitive Advantage: Offering a virtual tour sets a venue apart from competitors. It demonstrates a commitment to innovation, modernity, and customer satisfaction, attracting tech-savvy guests and event organisers who value convenience and advanced digital experiences.

f) Accessibility: Virtual tours provide detailed visual information about the venue’s accessibility features. Guests can assess wheelchair accessibility, the availability of ramps, lifts, accessible toilets, and the layout of the venue to ensure it meets their specific needs. Hotels and venues can demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. This inclusive approach makes ALL guests feel valued and welcomed.

A Venue View virtual tour with features such as walkthroughs, 3D dollhouse models, digital floorplans, interactive hotspots, and videos significantly enhances the booking and sales potential of hotels and meeting and event venues. It provides an immersive and informative experience, building trust and confidence among potential guests and event organisers, leading to increased conversions and revenue.

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