Virtual Staging – The Future Of Property Sales

As consumers become increasingly time-poor and budgets all-round more and more restrictive, the draw of digital property viewings and their importance in the property sales and lettings process, becomes ever stronger.

For housing developers, builders, landlords, student accommodation providers and lettings agents, virtual staging offers a solution that benefits both your business and your consumer.



So what is virtual staging?

Using high resolution 360° photography, we will bring your property to life by inserting photo-realistic furniture, furnishings and accessories within your living space to help customers envisage the full potential of your property.


And what are the benefits of virtual staging in property sales?

Whether you’re selling a brand new property or letting a house or apartment unfurnished there are multiple wins for all parties…


Cost effectiveness

Where traditionally, show homes would be finished and furnished in order to showcase them to potential buyers, virtual staging offers developers the opportunity to do this digitally.  When you consider that this negates the need for hired-in furniture and decorative interior accessories or even floor and wall coverings and kitchen and bathroom installation to be complete, this is usually at a lower cost than physically dressing a property and can be achieved earlier in the building process. In addition to saving you time, money and labour in preparing the home for sale, it also leaves final, longer-term interior decisions such as kitchen, bathroom and flooring styles to the customer.


More bang for your buck

Dressed properties command on average 10% more on the asking price versus empty properties. With some customers sold on the aspirational appearance of a fully dressed property and others simply unable to envisage themselves living within an empty space, where their furniture might fit or how their personal possessions might look, it’s clear why.

Help your property appeal to wider audience

With a variety of styles available to choose from, not only can you select an interior theme that best reflects the style of your property or its neighbourhood setting, but you can also dress the same property in multiple ways to attract buyers with a wider spectrum of interior preferences.


Enhance on-site empty property viewings

There’s no denying that an empty shell of a property can feel cold, dark and lifeless but rather than spending out on physically dressing each room, it’s possible for customers to view that room virtually dressed, from within the actual space.

Utilising QR code technology, your customers can be transported to the virtually staged space and by holding their phone up in any direction, see what that view would look like fully furnished, lit and dressed. If that doesn’t seal the deal, nothing will.

Dress one space for multiple properties

For developments with multiple properties following the same or similar floor plan or landlords and lettings agents re-letting the same property on a regular basis, virtual dressing works in much the same way as a traditional show home, but with the flexibility of being able to easily adapt the interior style depending on your audience or the unique qualities of that given space.


Convenience for your customer

Property viewing is a time consuming and often costly and frustrating process, where diary and geographical constraints sometimes mean that customers miss out on their dream property as other buyers pip them to the post.

Offering your customer the opportunity to view a 360°, lifelike digital replica of your property means that they can get a reassuringly accurate idea of the appeal of your property without ever setting foot through the door – enabling them to make a decision much sooner.

Independent viewing converts to hotter leads

When a customer has viewed a virtually staged property online, you can be pretty much guaranteed of their serious interest in your property when they come to enquire or view in-person, making it much easier to weed out the day trippers and dreamers and concentrate your efforts on the seriously invested.


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