Travel The World With 6 Stunning Virtual Tours

Travel The World With 6 Stunning Virtual Tours

With Google reporting a 400% increase in searches for VR in 2016, its no surprise to see lots of content starting to surface.

There are lots of gaming applications out there, and lots of rendered 3D worlds, but for the purposes of this post we are going to focus on the REAL experiences that you can have – both popular and unusual! All tours can be viewed on dektop and mobile with no special device or equipment required – simply click the image to start.

1. St Marks Square – Venice

Where better to start than the city of love. Meander through St Marks Square with this Google tour, chasing the pigeons and taking in the sights. For an extra special experience stick it on the big screen, turn down the lights and cuddle up next to your other half!

2. The Natural History Museum – London

After a little bit of loving in Venice its time for a history lesson as we head off to the Natural History Museum in London. This virtual tour takes you back to the time of the dinosaurs, allowing you to swim with the prehistoric ‘sea dragon’ Rhomaleosaurus. A different style to the Google Streetview tour, we see interactive 360 video here allowing you to experience narration and visual effects.

3. Kadadora Viharaya, Kotmale Reservoir – Sri Lanka

Kadadora Viharaya was a Buddhist temple situated in Kadadora, Sri Lanka. The temple was abandoned and ruined by the construction of the Kotmale Dam, and appears only once in few years when the water levels of Kotmale reservoir are at their lowest. This tour allows you to see something very few people ever witness.

Kadadora Viharaya, Kotmale Reservoir - Sri Lanka

4. Air Force One

Have you ever wondered what the REAL Air Force One looks like inside? We have all seen Harrison Ford running up and down the fictitious one on the big screen, but is this anywhere close to reality? Here you can walk up and down, peer into the rooms, and imagine the President sat in the big chair. Or if you are thinking about the current President you may be more interested in the ejector seat! This type of interactive matterport tour is exactly the same as the ones we shoot here at Venue View – where we provide 3D showcase experiences of UK property.

Air Force One Virtual Tour

5. Anfield tour with John Barnes and Robbie Fowler

One for the sports lovers here are we step inside this historic stadium. We go back to the 360 video tours here, allowing John and Robbie to give you the full match day experience including a peek into the changing room as Klopp gives his pre match pep talk. Even no Liverpool fans will be awed by the sound of the crowd as the team run out. Magical!

Liverpool Football Club Anfield Virtual Tour

6. Jerusalem

We finish the tour of tours by visiting the holy city – Jerusalem. Tour the Old City, Zion and Temple mount amongst many other ancient sights as you weave your way through this slice of culture. A great way to round off the tours, we hope you have enjoyed taking a little time out to see an alternative side of life!

Jerusalem Virtual Tour
Dont forget, if you want a virtual tour of your own property, we can help you here at Venue View.

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