Top 5 SEO tips for Hotel Marketing [Infographic]

You run a great hotel.

Your team work hard, delivering excellent levels of customer service.

Your facilities are good, well maintained and something you’re very proud of.

Your decor and styling are beautiful – the perfect balance of style, comfort and functionality.

But you’re still not quite achieving the number of bookings you want. Guests love your hotel once they visit, but how do you convince them to choose your venue over the local competition?

That’s where your digital marketing comes in – primarily the SEO (search engine optimisation) of your website.

There are numerous ways you can go about perfecting your SEO. Two examples are, paying Google to advertise via Adwords or enlisting the help of a web search engine optimisation company to try and drive more traffic to your site. But before you start shelling out money from your precious marketing budget here are five very simple SEO tips you can try yourself.

Top 5 SEO tips for Hotel Marketing

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