It’s no surprise that we love technology – especially technology for the hospitality industry, it is after all our area of expertise. So when Venue View were invited to the exciting exhibition Hotel Tech Live 2017 we were amongst the first through doors!

Held at the ExCel in London, this show provided the chance to see and experience the future of hospitality. We were delighted to see so many stands showcasing the latest technology, tools, systems and innovations from around the world.

As technology becomes more critical to the hotel and hospitality industry, finding the very latest cutting edge product that will give hoteilers a competitive advantage is imperative. With this is mind Venue View searched out the top five innovations to give you a taste of the future.

Nook Pod

It was hard to miss this stand with its striking cluster of Nook Pods enticing visitors to enjoy these mobile, quiet, well equipped work & meeting spaces.

Designed and manufactured in Bristol, the Nook Pods were originally designed for coworking spaces. Since the company’s inception a year ago Commercial Director Peter Evans, has found huge interest in other markets such as shopping centres, airport lounges, hotels and coffee shops where offering a comfortable, accessible space for guests and visitors to make private telephone calls, hold skype meetings and face to face conversations has been met with success.

The appeal of the Nook Pod is largely down to the aesthetics – based around the den’s of our childhood, invoking a safe and secure feeling. Each Pod comes equipped with an LED roof light which changes colour to suit your mood, a spot light for close work, two wired power charging units and a USB hub including European adaptors.

This is surely the future of how meetings can take place in a whole variety of venues without compromising on quality, comfort or privacy.



The Videotree stand showcased its luxury, award winning screens and displays to perfection. Specialising in supplying the hospitality sector, Videotree invented the first waterproof TV and the first outdoor TV.  They have used their 17 years of expertise and design knowledge to develop a truly stunning mirror TV, manufactured here in the UK, using the finest dielectric glass for perfect viewing when the television is on and a stunning reflection when the television is off.

Technical Director Ian Rees, explained that the screens are available in sizes from 19 inch to 100 inch with a range of frame options to give clients the exact balance of style, design and technology they need.

Any hotel room including one of these beautifully crafted mirror televisions would certainly impress their guests and create a lasting impression.



Wow Digital used Hotel Tech Live 2017 to launch Openkey in the UK, a cutting edge digital solution that allows hotel guests to enter their rooms via a mobile phone app.

The OpenKey app enables hotel staff to control guestroom access remotely and allows guests the ability to use their smartphone for mobile entry to their room.

Wow Digital Managing Director Darren Ware, explained that this keyless entry is simple for guests to use –  just download the app then activate with a code sent via SMS. For hotels Openkey decreases check-in time and improves overall guest experience whilst being seamlessly integrated with their existing PMS.

This systems offers benefits to both hotels and guests that will save time and create a great visitor experience whilst marking out the venue as a tech savvy, customer focused brand – what’s not to like!



The Novility stand drew the crowds at Hotel Tech Live who were keen to see this revolutionary educational experience in action. Focused on training of the housekeeping department within hotels, Novility use motion-tracking and speech-recognition technologies to impart the correct way of doing daily activities whilst boosting performance and preventing injuries through proper ergonomic training.

Samantha Noll, Business Development Manager explained that having a virtual trainer means that ‘real world’ trainers time is much reduced – with new staff easily stepping on the platform and beginning their training immediately and independently, with all targets and achievements recorded for every person who uses it.

This engaging and innovative way of training staff has all the benefits of a personal one-to-one coach but without the time, costs and resources. Adding a dynamic and effective training solution like Novility gives your team the skills for success and the means to do it safely.



The Kaelo stand radiated elegance and luxury as owner and designer Kevin Jabou showcased his unique and stylish product, that he describes as the evolution of the ice bucket – without the ice or the bucket!

Kaelo works using only electricity, with no need for ice, water or refills and is embedded with smart-touch technology, so that a simple touch rapidly cools the chamber down. They can also be personalised with 27 hues of brilliant illumination.

Kaelo has been well received into residential properties, private jets and luxury yachts but interest is now coming from hotels who want to offer the perfect temperature wine, champagne or water to their guests without the mess or fuss of traditional ice buckets. Patented and produced in the UK, this revolutionary product can be beautifully integrated into any surface to provide a seamless serving experience.

This is the type of product that sets hotels or restaurants apart from their competitors – incorporating modern technology, practically with stunning style.